Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    non-commuting graph of symmetric groups    M.Sc.    ganjali, masoumeh    2012-04-06
2    one the combinatorial properties of semigroups    Ph.D    mohammadikhah, sadegh    2012-04-28
3    Power graph of groups and semigroups    M.Sc.    kowsari, Samaneh    2012-04-29
4    Characterization of the alternating groups by its non-commuting graph    M.Sc.    shahpasandighalehshiri, mahdi    2012-10-07
5    POWER GRAPH OF GROUPS AND RELATED TOPICS    Ph.D    doostabadi, alireza    2012-10-07
6    Extendability of semi Cayley graphs of finite abelian groups    M.Sc.    azodpoor, vajihe    2012-12-09
7    On the commutator in the p-groups    M.Sc.    farazi, mojtaba    2013-01-20
8    Multiplicative Partitions    Ph.D    Yaqubi, Daniel    2013-12-21
9    Results on relative nilpotent and solouble groups and some related graphs    Ph.D    ganjali, masoumeh    2014-01-12
10    On the noncommuting and cyclic graphs of a group with respect to a subgroup and the Cayley graphs    Ph.D    Hassankhani, Mehdi    2014-01-15
11    power graph and its generalizations    Ph.D    Fatehi haghighat, morteza    2014-01-15
12    n-Isofactorization of 6-Regular and 8-Regular Circulant Graphs    M.Sc.    ahmadi, emad    2014-02-23
13    The class graph and the length of the conjugacy classes of a finite group    M.Sc.    hosin abade, eliye    2014-03-09
14    Equitable Coloring of Graphs and Graph Products    M.Sc.    mahdi tabar, maryam    2014-05-04
15    g-noncommuting graph of finite groups    Ph.D    nasiri, mahboube    2014-06-08
16    Investigation of graph invariants in some classes of graphs and their semi direct product under their automorphism groups    Ph.D    AGHEL, MAJID    2014-09-18
17    Hamiltonian decomposition of regular cayley graphs on abelian groups    M.Sc.    Safamanesh, Asieh    2015-07-26
18    spanning k-ended trees    M.Sc.    Ghasemian zoeram, Hamed    2015-07-26
19    Some graphs associated to a group, ring and module    Ph.D    ziyaaddini, maryam    2015-07-28
20    Coprime and non-coprime graphs of finite groups with respect to a subgroup    Ph.D    Aghababaei Beni, gholamreza    2015-09-22
21    dominated coloring of graphs    Ph.D    choopani, fateme    2016-01-27
22    On the relative n-tensor nilpotent degree of finite groups    Ph.D    golmakani, hanieh    2016-03-16